Ryan M. Jones

Associate - New Brunswick
Email: rjones@hoaglandlongo.com
Phone: 732-545-4717
Fax: 732-545-4579

Associate - New Brunswick


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Ryan M. Jones joins the Firm’s Transactional Group, focusing in a variety of areas including commercial and residential real estate, tax appeals, business mergers and acquisitions, corporate practice, municipal government, election law, redevelopment, and contract law.  Ryan brings with him numerous years of experience, practicing in other fields including healthcare, bankruptcy and family law.  He has a broad-based interest in community development and also sees the interplay of law and design as an important and often overlooked area of legal services. 

Prior to joining the firm, Ryan spent nearly five years advocating on behalf of clients in areas concerning the automotive, healthcare, civil rights, and arts/tourism industries as a Government Affairs Associate at a firm in Trenton.  He contributed to numerous legislative and campaign victories during his time, working on efforts to protect minors from the harmful effects of tanning, bringing tax parity to tobacco products, providing attention to and funding for health programs that reduce heart disease, securing funding for the arts, working to provide fairness with consumer concerns over the right to repair their automobiles, and providing consumer savings by ensuring auto manufacturers’ have flexibility in the sales of their vehicles.  He also played a pivotal role in the early stages of the push for marriage equality within the state and worked with the legal team that successfully fought to remove sexual conversion therapy as an approved form of counseling in New Jersey.

Ryan received his Juris Doctorate from Delaware Law School in 2009 and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College in 2006.  In college, he became interested in social and organizational psychology, ultimately leading him to informally study design theory.  This interest continues today as owner of a public affairs and design firm, The Carmichael, he founded in 2010.  The Carmichael offers a wide variety of branding and strategic communication consulting services to assist small and midsize entities seeking growth and helps define their public identity in authentic ways.

After graduating law school, Ryan served as a law clerk to the Honorable James F. Hyland in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex Vicinage. Under Judge Hyland, Ryan oversaw and managed a diverse civil litigation motion practice and assisted the Judge with his motion calendar.

Licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 2009, Ryan also worked brief stints with the Office of the US Trustee in Philadelphia/Wilmington, the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office, and a small firm in Metuchen, New Jersey.

In 2016, Ryan was sworn in as Councilman in his hometown of South River, Middlesex County.  He is focused on reevaluating the local government’s policies in order to foster a climate that promotes property investment — not discourages it.  This means the creation of new programs that stimulate civic engagement and simplifies the process for property improvement.  It also means revitalizing the business environment by using all available tools, from public/private partnerships, technology build-out, establishment of a stronger sense of place/placemaking, along with brand strengthening, redevelopment, parking management, and incentivizing community investment.  He is focused on returning the council's role to one that serves residents built upon respectful, civilized discussion and one that offers residents real opportunities to voice concerns and feedback.

To support this community progress, Ryan founded the nonprofit, Spaces Reimagined, in 2015.  He is well versed in development policy and the shortcomings within the existing law.  Put simply, the organization works to invigorate community through reimagining what is possible for public spaces.

Ryan looks forward to ice fishing with his father each winter, loves escaping into cooking projects with his wife, Jaci, occasionally writing, and is a passionate Rangers fan.