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FAFSA Rules impacting a child's college financial aid eligibility including latest changes to the FAFSA application, timeline, formula, treatment of divorce parents and asset considerations.

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January is Child-Centered Divorce Month

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Trials and Litigation in the Era of COVID-19

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Search Terms, Domain Names, and Ethical Legal Advertising

COVID-19 Legislation Alters OPRA Deadlines in the Event of State and Local Emergencies

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Legislature Passes Bill to Limit Liability of Fuel Oil Dealers

NJ Special Master Concludes 20,000 DWI Convictions Based on Unreliable Breath Tests

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New Jersey Finalizes First of its Kind Pharmaceutical Gift Ban to Physicians; New Administration Considering Changes

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You've Been Served: on Facebook?

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Planning for Summer Parenting Time During a Divorce

Important HR Considerations for Any Small Business Owner

The Impact of Property Owner Involvement in Construction Projects

Watch Your Step! Elevator Accidents Require Prior Notice of their Dangerous Conditions.

Recent New York Appellate Decision Sets Higher Bar for Proof in Asbestos Cases

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NOW IN EFFECT IN NJ - Automatic Child Support Termination!

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Rooted in Precedent and Simultaneously Unprecedented: President Trump’s Executive Action on Immigration

Avoiding the “Slippery” Slope: Supermarket Slips and Falls & The “Mode of Operation” Doctrine

Roberts, Neumann and the Broad Scope of the New Jersey Charitable Immunity Act

Pre-Existing Conditions: Burden Shifting and the Apportionment of Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases

Tis the Season – To Avoid Religious Discrimination and Harassment in the Office

AVVO’s “Fixed Fee Limited Scope” Platform Presents Ethical Violations

Self-Driving Cars: What Do They Mean for the Automobile Insurance Industry?

No “Fraud” Required for Consumer Fraud Act Violations

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