Valentine Beware

In 2019, CNN came out with an article about the spike in divorces after Valentine’s Day:  Valentine Divorce.  What does this mean for you and your relationship?  Be aware of the impact of a holiday that focuses on love and romance on your family, as ignoring it may be the last straw.  Studies have shown similar spikes in divorce filings after Mother’s Day.  I don’t think this is evidence of disappointment in the number of roses or the shininess of a present, but rather, holidays are an opportunity to reflect on whether your relationship is fulfilling your needs.  It could be years of neglect that has built up, and your significant other may be thinking, “I’ll give him/her one more chance.”  Don’t miss out on that chance but on the flip side, don’t expect your significant other to know the holiday could have such a lasting impact on your relationship.

Since COVID-19, will we see a similar spike in divorces after the holiday?  The answer depends on whom you talk to.  When COVID-19 first hit, there were articles that said divorce rates were spiking:  Divorces Spike with Covid and other articles that said divorces are on the decline:  Divorce Rates Decline During Covid.  Many circumstances must be taken into consideration before deciding to uncouple and you would be doing yourself, your relationship and your family a disservice if you made the decision to separate before giving all of those circumstances due weight.  Even worse, you might be putting yourself at a disadvantage.  If you’re considering separation and don’t know what to do first, please read this blog:   5 Things To Do If You Know Your Relationship is Over.  

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