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Family Law FAQ

New Jersey Family Lawyers

You may find yourself needing a family law attorney in the event of a separation, divorce, custody dispute, domestic violence incident (TRO/FRO), alimony modification, adoption, or child support case. Our New Jersey family law attorneys have years of family law litigation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration experience, and limit their practice focus to exclusively handling family law matters, including but not limited to divorce, custody, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, property division, property distribution, cohabitation agreements, mid-marriage agreements, prenuptial agreements, adoption, motion practice and post-judgment or post-divorce issues.  We offer representation to married and non-married parties.

Our Family Law attorneys are available to handle cases in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, Mercer County, Union County, and a number of other NJ Counties. Understanding that each family is different, and each case is different, we do not provide you with a one-size-fits-all solution. We listen to your questions, concerns, and preferences, and partner with you to develop a strategy which best meets your goals. We serve our clients with compassion and empathy as they navigate what can often be a very difficult time personally, emotionally, and financially.

Compassionate and Dedicated Guidance on all Family Law Matters

We are dedicated to fully protecting and advocating for you. By working with you to achieve your goals, we strive to attain a just and proper result. We pride ourselves on ensuring you are treated with respect and care, continually discussing with you all your options and explaining the process along the way. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and commitment to our clients.  You will be treated with personal and professional care while we use the resources available to us as a large firm to handle family law cases of virtually any nature and degree of complexity. We work with a network of other professionals, including but not limited to mediators, accountants, therapists, parenting coordinators, accountants, and other experts to ensure that you have the resources and support to maximize your success.

Our goal is to help you through the divorce or separation process in a way that makes you feel heard and acknowledged.  We are your teammates and advocates.  Using our decades of experience in and out of the courts, we will work with you to accomplish your goals to the fullest extent of the law.  You will move through this chapter in your life efficiently and effectively by having frequent communication with us to ensure all your questions are answered.  You won’t be left wondering what to expect next.  We will be there every step of the way so that you have answers to all your questions, such as:

  • How will the other party know I’ve started the divorce or separation process?
  • What happens after the Complaint for Divorce is filed?
  • What is mediation and would that help my case?
  • Would Collaborative Law work for me?
  • What is Arbitration and how is it different than Court?
  • Do I have to attend the Early Settlement Panel and what is it?
  • When are responses to motions or discovery are due?
  • How to act in front of a family court Judge?
  • How long is my case going to take?
  • How much is the process going to cost?

Please reach out to our New Jersey Family Law Attorneys at 732-545-4717 to schedule a free initial consultation. It would be our pleasure to work with you.