Pre-nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements are entered into by and between parties in anticipation of their pending marriage or civil union.

New Jersey Prenup Lawyers

These agreements later define the rights and liabilities of the parties in the event that they separate or in the event that their marriage or civil union terminates. It is important to consult with an experienced prenup lawyer prior to having a pre-nuptial agreement prepared, as the Courts in New Jersey tend to look at these agreements with great scrutiny.

It is essential that a pre-nuptial agreement is appropriately drafted, that the parties engage in full disclosure prior to executing the agreements, that the parties enter into the agreement with full knowledge of the economic circumstances of the other party -- and that they do so willfully, knowingly, and voluntarily.

Pre-nuptial agreements resolve at the outset issues which can become extremely stressful and which consume inordinate amounts of time and money. By entering into a pre-nuptial agreement, the parties have a clear understanding of their rights and entitlements, as well as their respective liabilities, in the event that their marriage or civil union ends. Pre-nuptial agreements are highly recommended and serve as a valuable method for protecting assets that have been acquired prior to the marriage or civil union of the parties. The New Jersey-based prenup lawyers at Hoagland Longo have prepared numerous pre-nuptial agreements which have withstood judicial scrutiny. Please call the experienced prenup attorneys in our firm to discuss the benefit and need for a pre-nuptial agreement.