Congratulations to our HR Associate Pam Rojvirat – the winner of WithumSmith+Brown’s Administrative Strength Award!

The Administrative Strength Award is part of a series conducted by Withum where nominations for candidates are welcomed for their #StrengthStory in a number of categories:  Innovative Strength, Administrative Strength, Client Service Strength, Entrepreneurial Strength, Culture Strength, and Community Strength.  The winner of each category is determined by an internal committee.

The Administrative Strength Award celebrates strength in internal or external customer/client/colleague service, professionalism, performance and commitment that is consistently outstanding and often outside of the normal scope of prescribed duties  In honor of this award, Pam has been invited to share her #StrengthStory and have it aired on Bloomberg Radio.

Pam is described by her colleagues as being a “committed team player who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.” This is particularly apparent as it relates to new employees who are just joining the firm. Not only does Pam personally call each new hire and send them a welcome package, but she also continually follows up with them to make sure that their package has arrived and that their eventual workstation is set up properly. Once they start, she checks in on them to ensure that they’ve received the proper training and that they are acclimating to the firm. Throughout all of this, she continually fosters open communication with them to ensure that they are aware of the firm’s internal events and various resources.

On a more meaningful level to the culture of the firm, Pam effectively conjoins a fast-paced, demanding work environmental with a family like, relaxed atmosphere.  Employees are always left to feel that they are a part of an organization who puts their employees on the same pedal-stool as they do their clients.  This culture allows for a space to grow, to learn, and to shine – and it truly is because Pam makes it that way.