We have extensive experience in the complex insurance coverage area. We offer a variety of services ranging from coverage opinions to litigation and appeal. We handle coverage issues in areas including commercial property, commercial auto, CGL, environmental, homeowners, personal auto and others.

We have extensive experience representing the insurance industry in matters involving questions of coverage and defense of claims, including allegations of Bad faith, which would be defined as an unreasonable denial of an insurance claim by an insurance company. Bad faith claims against insurers are routinely based on:

  • allegations of failure to settle
  • untimely offers of settlement
  • inadequate offers of settlement
  • unfair claims practices
  • misrepresentations of actual coverages
  • inadequate defense
  • denial of a defense and indemnification
  • failure to investigate a claim
  • inadequate investigation of a claim

These claims occur under a variety of policies such as automobile, homeowners and general commercial liability policies. We vigorously defend bad faith claims and can help prevent the assertion of such claims against your insurance company and employees by monitoring the progression of claims files and assist in the streamlining of your company’s claim handling procedures.

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