Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas is a premier law firm with a national reputation and recognition in the areas of Environmental and Toxic Tort law.

As Supervising Partner of the firm’s Environmental and Toxic Tort Department, Marc S. Gaffrey oversees an accomplished, committed team of attorneys dedicated to the implementation of efficient and ethical representation of our clients. The firm has the capability to manage and defend environmental matters throughout the United States and abroad. With decades of experience in the field of asbestos and toxic tort litigation involving more than 25,000 claims and over 40,000 plaintiffs, Hoagland Longo’s approach to the defense of our clients is disciplined, structured and results-oriented. 

New Jersey

The firm remains one of the most prominent law firms in the handling, litigation and trial of asbestos matters in the State of New Jersey. We conduct efficient and thorough direct and cross-examinations of plaintiffs during the integral deposition phase of litigation. The defense bar trusts Hoagland Longo attorneys to perform methodical and complete direct and cross-examinations because of our reputation as one of the major players in asbestos litigation in New Jersey. As a result, the firm has been designated and selected frequently to act as lead defense counsel and perform direct examinations of plaintiffs. Our attorneys’ aptitude and skill level in the deposition stage of countless asbestos matters have resulted in desirable outcomes for our clients.

New York

Hoagland Longo attorneys have extensive environmental and toxic tort law experience throughout New York State. Our New York trial team is as battle-tested as any other New York City defense firm in these areas of the law. We represent manufacturers, distributors, contractors, site owners, fabricators, assemblers, mining entities, general contractors, building management entities, and other professionals to provide the best defense possible. Our firm has taken just as many matters to trial in various jurisdictions throughout New York State as counsel for other defendants have. We take nothing for granted and leave no stone unturned in the vigorous representation of our clients. Every matter we handle on behalf of our clients is done so with the same amount of energy as if each were headed to trial.

National Counsel

Additionally, Hoagland Longo serves as National Coordinating Counsel for multiple clients in the area of asbestos litigation.  Some of these relationships have lasted over two decades and have resulted in long-standing and valuable partnerships. Our national clients trust our talented team to effectively navigate the numerous jurisdictional and substantive legal issues they face in thousands of lawsuits across the United States. We are intimately knowledgeable of the science and legal approach needed to defend our national clients. Also, Hoagland Longo, as national counsel, is responsible for selecting local counsel in jurisdictions around the country. Our team oversees and implements the firm’s disciplined, structured, and results-oriented defense strategy with local counsel. The firm expects and demands local counsel to be as prepared and devoted to the defense of our national clients as we are.

Leaders in the Industry

Through our defense experience and in working with nationally reputed experts and consultants, we have gained valuable knowledge and insight to effectively defend our clients. As a result, we are often requested to present at conferences attended by attorneys and other professionals from across the nation. We have spoken at toxic tort conferences sponsored by DRI, Mealeys, Harris Martin, Lorman, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, and the New Jersey Defense Association.

Client Relationships

To develop effective defense strategies, we worked closely with clients to understand the history of their business during the time asbestos was on the market. In developing these close client relationships, we can effectively cross examine plaintiffs during depositions and at trial. We also are able to develop the most effective defense strategies, including retention and communication with experts in the medical and scientific fields. Part of our strategies include investigation of the allegations against our clients; no allegation is taken at face-value when considering the defense of our clients. We are aggressive in our defense, but always have an eye toward the best interest of our clients, which may include successful negotiation of settlement.

Technology Innovation

Notably, we are at the forefront of data management, using our unique case management system our firm has developed. This is an important part of asbestos litigation, as thousands of claims are filed each year. We provide our clients with an analysis of the history of claims made against them, including historical data and analysis of an account that allows our clients to see trends in asbestos litigation and the impact of the litigation on their business. Our office also is fully equipped to go paperless in a shared file system, which enables our clients to cut defense costs. This same data management technology allows us to compile a vast amount of information on medical research, scientific data, expert witness testimony, and data relative to experts who repeatedly appear for the plaintiff’s bar in asbestos litigation. Technology and asbestos litigation are constantly changing. By working closely with our IT department, we are able to use the most current technological advances to acquire and utilize information on asbestos litigation to our advantage.