National Counsel

Our firm is in the forefront in the areas of Environmental, Toxic Tort, and Mass Tort litigation.

We have amassed vast experience in these areas of law and our technical resources are exemplary. We are proud to say that we have been serving the legal needs of our clients for over twenty years in the areas of Toxic Tort, Asbestos Litigation, and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement. During this time we have served an important role as the local counsel for New Jersey and New York asbestos matters and during the last five years we have served as the National Coordinating Counsel for asbestos matters for six of our clients. We believe that our experience and knowledge enables us to provide superior defense of cases that our clients might encounter. We find solutions that are practical and creative, integrating legal realities with the business goals of our clients. 

We are litigators, regulatory/compliance counsel, and educators in the area of environmental law. Our attorneys present at various annual state and national symposiums (DRI, Mealeys) and author articles for multiple respected legal publications. We recognize the global challenges that our clients face every day and we are proud to be of service to them. 

We have devoted significant time and effort to developing innovative methods of managing asbestos litigation for our clients on a national scale. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement national defense strategies utilized in multiple jurisdictions. We value the long-standing relationships we have developed with our clients. Some of these relationships extend over two decades.

We have the ability as National Coordinating Counsel to defend our clients cases on any level, including investigating the corporate and product history of a company, coordinating the preparation of discovery, tracking a company’s litigation nationally, developing strategies utilized to obtain successful results for our clients through motion writing and settlement, as well as participating in preparation for trial. 

We immerse ourselves in both the science and law needed to effectively defend our clients. The result of this effort is our ability to effectively cross examine plaintiff’s experts as well as develop our own defense experts for use at trial. We have worked to develop a network of experts who can be utilized by our clients nationwide.  

We also have developed an extensive network of asbestos attorneys throughout the country with whom we have worked very closely. We carefully select local counsel and work closely with them to develop defense strategies and prepare for trial. We prepare our local counsel to work with us in a way that is cost-effective to our clients and avoids duplication of effort. Our local counsel are prepared to assist in contacting and developing potential expert witnesses, assist in the preparation of corporate witnesses and develop cases for trial.