Toxic Torts

Hoagland Longo’s Toxic Tort attorneys are recognized state-wide as leaders in their practice area.

We are experienced in defending personal injury and property damage claims relating to various exposures and releases of numerous toxic chemicals and compounds. We have handled more than 40,000 toxic tort cases involving more than 60,000 plaintiffs. Our toxic tort group serves clients in every facet of toxic tort law, including:

  • benzene
  • trichloroethylene (TCE)
  • trichloroethane (TCA)
  • mold
  • talc
  • silica
  • fiberglass
  • mixed dust
  • carbon dioxide
  • lead
  • latex
  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)
  • petrochemicals
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • fire retardant treated plywood (FRT)
  • pressure treated lumber

Clients we represent include manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers, employers, property and premises owners, contractors, fabricators, assemblers, and other professionals in related fields. As a team, we work with clients throughout discovery to mitigate potential liability and outside of litigation to avoid future liability.

Toxic tort matters often involve complex, lengthy and voluminous discovery and management of discovery affects both the expense and outcome of the litigation. Through our unique case management system, we effectively manage and maintain discovery in a cost-effective and efficient manner to benefit our clients. Our electronic case files can be viewed from any computer with internet access and give us the ability serve clients remotely from their homes and while traveling. Moreover, our electronic case management system is easily accessed by clients so that they can assist in and monitor their matters.

In addition to our file management abilities, our Toxic Tort attorneys are well-educated about our clients, and scientific and medical issues related to their industries. As many of our clients are long-established within the business community, our attorneys frequently find themselves unraveling decades of complex corporate history. We spend a significant amount of time staying updated on developing case law and information in our practice area and often speak at conferences and author articles for national publications. When our attorneys are in need of outside references regarding business or injuries alleged against our clients, we seek the help of competent experts and consultants. We frequently work with pathologists, toxicologists, epedimiologists, pulmonologists, industrial hygienists, economists, geologists, and hydrogeologists that are nationally recognized within their respective fields. Our go-to experts and consultants prove valuable in our defense cases by providing sources of alternate exposures, causation, and liability.

In the event we are unable to resolve a matter through traditional means, our attorneys and clients can benefit from mediation and alternative dispute resolution. These methods of resolution usually result in favorable outcomes for clients by keeping attorneys fees down and by providing us with the strengths and weaknesses of our adversary’s case, should the matter fail to settle. When we are unable to resolve matters traditionally, we have the resources and ability to take our cases to trial and through appeal.