Labor & Employment Law

A safe and efficient workplace is essential to best attract, maintain and successfully manage employees.

A safe and efficient workplace is essential to best attract, maintain and successfully manage employees. Achieving a hostile-free and productive work environment requires not only successful courtroom litigation, but the application of legal experience and skill in the development of preventative measures designed to effectively head-off potential problems that can lead to litigation.

At Hoagland Longo, our responsibility is to ensure our clients make the best employment decisions possible. To achieve that goal, our Labor and Employment Law Department provides a comprehensive, or "wraparound," approach in rendering effective, trustworthy legal services. We have earned a reputation for success within the various courts and among the many municipal branches of government, private businesses and the insurance communities we serve. Our recognized commitment to excellence, both in and outside the courtroom, has yielded successful, cost-effective results for our clients within the courts of the United States, New Jersey State Courts and the New Jersey Administrative Courts and New Jersey State Agencies.

While necessary, courtroom litigation appearances represent only a small part of the legal services that clients should expect from your attorneys. We recognize that to accommodate an employer's personnel interests, all aspects of the employer/employee relationship must be addressed. It is here that our unique, wraparound, approach is so effective. Practice areas and subjects of representation rendered in the accomplishment of this legally comprehensive approach to the strategic objectives of our clients encompass, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Effective strategies in the hiring, firing, and discipline of employees
  • Best practices for disseminating and implementing policies and procedures
  • Identification and evaluation of employer insurance coverages
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Addressing issues of harassment in the workplace
  • Addressing issues of discrimination in the workplace
  • Addressing issues of retaliation in the workplace
  • Providing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training
  • Addressing wage and hour issues
  • Addressing whistleblower claims 
  • Drafting restrictive covenant agreements
  • Bargaining obligations
  • Handling investigations into employee complaints 
  • Understanding the legal rights of disabled employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act & the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and requests for accommodation
  • Defamation of character
  • Proper implementation and use of family and medical leave