Nicole M. Grzeskowiak Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgement

Nicole M. Grzeskowiak prevailed on a Motion for Summary Judgment in Middlesex County Superior Court.  The plaintiff, a county law enforcement officer, claimed that she sustained injuries while participating in a firearms demonstration in the course of her employment.  Plaintiff alleged that the defendant, a municipal law enforcement officer, was negligent in the supervision and instruction of the plaintiff during the shooting exercise.  In light of the fact that the defendant officer also served as a county law enforcement officer and was working for the county at the time of the incident, the Court determined that the record established that defendant qualified as a “special employee” of the county and thus was a co-worker of the plaintiff.  The court dismissed all claims against the defendant since as a co-worker of the plaintiff, he was immune from suit for Plaintiff’s claims pursuant to the Workers’ Compensation statute and its exclusive remedy provision, N.J.S.A. 34:15-8.


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