Products Liability

Products liability lawsuits arise out of personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage, allegedly resulted from the use of a dangerous or defective product.

We have extensive experience in the field of products liability and the defense of cases involving alleged defects in manufacture, design, failure to warn, intentionally wrongful acts on behalf of employers and breach of warranty. Our products liability team prides itself on aggressively defending claims concerning alleged defects in products on behalf of insurance companies, manufacturers of a broad range of products nationwide, sellers, designers, distributors and corporate purchasers of industrial products and heavy machinery. Our deep understanding of the scientific and technical theories which form the basis of products liability claims allow us to develop and assert the most effective defenses available, whether it be to a claims filed by a single plaintiff alleging a catastrophic injury or wrongful death, or whether it be to claims filed by multiple plaintiffs.

As the law and technology continuously evolve, products liability defense has become one of the most complex areas of litigation. We have a deep understanding of a variety of products and engineering disciplines. We have access to the most recent information and developments concerning statutory and regulatory requirements in the area of products liability and to experts who specialize in the field of products liability. We work closely with our clients in defending the legal action filed against them and ensuring that their needs are met throughout each stage of the litigation process until the matter reaches final resolution.

We have trial experience in both state and federal courts, arbitration, dispute resolution and mediation. Given our vast experience, we enjoy a deep appreciation and understanding for our clients’ concerns about their products liability defense.