We have a strong team of attorneys with expertise in handling and litigating premises liability claims. We aggressively defend a variety of residential and commercial clients, including retail establishments, amusement parks, commercial landlords, movie theaters and hotels. We also have assisted clients in developing risk management programs to reduce the incidence of claims.

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The Resistance Against Avvo's Client-Linking Services Spreads to New Jersey

New Jersey joins a number of States in banning attorneys’ participation in Avvo’s programs which require attorneys to pay “marketing fees.” In this blog, Joseph V. Leone examines the Joint Opinion issued by New Jersey Supreme Court prohibiting New Jersey attorneys from participating in the Avvo client-linking legal service.

Watch Your Step! Elevator Accidents Require Prior Notice of their Dangerous Conditions.

Elevators are a common source of liability for commercial properties and the parties who own, operate and maintain those properties. The failure to properly inspect and care for elevators can lead to liability for all those involved with their use. The liability analysis imposed by our courts is fact sensitive. General legal principals of premise liability apply requiring a demonstration of actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition to impose liability.