Business Transactional & Litigation

Hoagland Longo offers a full range of legal services related to business law.

We often begin with helping the client choose the proper business entity. This choice along with executing a comprehensive partnership, shareholders, or operating agreement are critical to success.

Forming the proper business entity allows the client to gain the benefits of limited liability without increasing tax liability. We have extensive experience in drafting formation and organizational documents, including buy-sell agreements and partnership, shareholder, and operating agreements.

A common source of a business dispute is a poorly drafted contract. A properly drafted legal document can go a long way in enabling a company to operate in an efficient manner. We strongly encourage consultation before a client enters into agreements or signs contacts with vendors, customers, clients, employees, landlords, tenant, co-owners or partners.

Once a business begins operation, we will provide advice on an on-going basis on issues involved in running a business, including contract issues, collection, employment law issues, acquisition of property, leasehold interests and title issues.

For over 40 years we have handled business litigation matters concerning contract disputes, shareholders’ rights and obligations, real estate ownership, leasehold interest, title issues, collection, sale and purchase of business and, dissolution and termination of business.  We have the experience to represent our client and we work hard to earn the best possible results.