Brownfield Redevelopment

We provide a full range of services for the redevelopment of contaminated properties, commonly known as Brownfields.

We advise clients in structuring Brownfields transactions and negotiating agreements with various parties, including financing, implementation and exit strategies to enable a Brownfields project to successfully proceed.

We are skilled at guiding clients through every aspect of the Brownfields endeavor, including legal liability pitfalls, assessments of contamination, self-audit privilege laws, valuation of contaminated property, financial issues and incentives, tax considerations and specialized insurance policies. In addition, we are experienced in addressing federal and state requirements frequently encountered in cleanup process, such as underground storage tanks, asbestos-containing materials, vapor intrusion, lead-based paint, hazardous substance spills, environmental contractor licensing and laboratory certification.

As a result of having our Brownsfields experience, we have the skills to help our clients:

  • Identify and understand the applicable laws and issues
  • Select the appropriate type and degree of cleanup
  • Assess the environmental, financial, and legal risks and liabilities
  • Minimize and allocate those potential risks and liabilities
  • Make optimal use of opportunities for Brownfields redevelopment and reuse

We also have experience working with private Brownfields lending institutions, which offer an innovative method for large-scale, efficient, institutional and private equity investment in the restoration of Brownfield properties to productive use.