Medicare & Medicaid Compliance/Fraud & Abuse

We believe the creation and maintenance of an effective and responsive compliance program is essential to avoid costly and often ruinous government fraud investigations or prosecutions.

We can assist health care organizations in the creation of a corporate compliance program, with in-depth training of personnel on the very real hazards the organization may face should a state or federal investigation occur. Compliance programs are not "one size fits all" and our attorneys are conscious of the unique needs of organization depending on size and activities.

We provide our clients with ongoing updates and revisions to their compliance programs to meet new regulations and court decisions. Clients with existing compliance programs who encounter questions or problematic situations can quickly contact us for counsel so that efficient solutions can be reached, saving time and energy.

We are thoroughly experienced in the federal and state Anti-Kickback laws, the Stark Law and the False Claims Act. The critical concept for any health care facility or organization facing increasingly aggressive government fraud and abuse prosecutions is the development of preventive mechanisms within the organization to minimize the risk of governmental actions. We are knowledgeable in the identification of specific risks to an organization and its elimination. Should an enforcement action arise, we are fully prepared to counsel and defend our client's organization.