Partner Jeffrey J. Czuba Prevailed in a Motor Vehicle Accident Case in Mercer County

Partner Jeffrey J. Czuba prevailed with a "no cause" verdict in a motor vehicle accident case in Mercer County.  This matter was tried to conclusion over an eight (8) day period before Hon. Janetta Marbrey, J.S.C. at the Mercer County Courthouse in Trenton.  The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident which occurred on November 27, 2011 when Jeff’s client struck the rear of plaintiff’s vehicle.  At trial, Jeff stipulated to liability and tried the matter on the issue of damages only.  Plaintiff alleged that as a result of the accident she sustained traumatic brain injury including post concussive disorder, diffuse axonal shearing, and labyrinthine dysfunction.  In addition, plaintiff alleged that she sustained orthopedic injuries including rotator cuff tears in the shoulder, torn meniscus in the knee, and soft tissue injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine.  After about 2 ½ hours of deliberation the jury found that plaintiff had failed to prove that she sustained a permanent injury caused by the accident.