We are fully aware that when you are hurt you need someone compassionate to your needs, as well as aggressive in the prosecution of your claim. We strive to achieve that goal. Our attorneys handle a wide variety of claims on behalf of injured persons, including complex cases such as wrongful death and products liability as well as motor vehicle and slip and fall cases. We also have vast experience in representing injured parties in cases involving inadequate security and dog bites.

Our experience in this area allows us to properly prosecute your claim for personal injuries as well as loss wages or property damage if applicable. Our goal is to keep you fully apprised of the progress of your case and to resolve your matter as expeditiously as possible.

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Litigation Privilege Protects N.J. Law Firm from Defamation Claim

Not all personal injury cases involve physical or psychological damages. There are also tort claims involving alleged injuries to a person's reputation or character, such as defamation, libel, and slander. But proving such injuries requires more than showing a defendant made a false statement that impugned the plaintiff's reputation. Indeed, even in the case of allegedly false statements, a defendant may cite one or more legal privileges to escape potential civil liability.