Malcolm McPherson Prevails in Automobile Liability Case

In a three day jury trial in February 2019, Malcolm McPherson obtained a verdict in favor of the defendant.  The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident that occurred in August 2015. Plaintiff filed suit against defendant claiming that she sustained permanent injuries in the form of a disc bulge in the neck and disc herniation in the low back as a result of the motor vehicle accident.  Plaintiff called a neurosurgeon as her expert at trial. Malcolm cross examined the expert at trial regarding the Plaintiff’s lack of invasive treatment following the accident.  Plaintiff offered testimony regarding the happening of the accident, her post-accident course of treatment, and her subjective complaints of pain and suffering.  Plaintiff failed to establish that she sustained a permanent injury as a result of the subject accident.  As a result, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of no cause in favor of Defendant.