Michael Kearns Has Success at Trial in Ocean County

Michael Kearns, a Partner in the firm, recently reported a successful trial outcome in his automobile liability case in Ocean County Superior Court.  Mike represented defendant driver who made a left hand turn directly into the path of the Plaintiff’s on-coming vehicle.  Plaintiff sustained a fracture and also claimed a tear of an artery in the left leg.  Plaintiff’s medical expert testified that Plaintiff’s future medical treatment would include an arthroscopy on the left knee as well as two future total knee replacement surgeries.  Plaintiff was also able put $200,000 in damages on the board at trial for past lost wages and future medical expenses. The original settlement demand prior to trial was $1.1 million. Plaintiff then made a final settlement demand of  $900,000 at time of trial.  A final settlement offer of $275,000 was made on behalf of the Defendant which was rejected.   Therefore, a decision was made to stipulate liability and try the case on damages only.  After a 4 day trial in the Ocean County Superior Court, the jury award plaintiff only $128,300.00.