The matter arose out of a four vehicle collision that occurred in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Plaintiff alleged 2 lumbar disc bulges and a cervical herniation pierced the verbal threshold. Plaintiff had no prior medical history.  Following the accident Plaintiff underwent invasive pain management procedures and surgery was recommended.  Liability was disputed by Defendant.  Defendant was the second vehicle in the four vehicle chain collision and was directly behind Plaintiff’s vehicle.  Defendant filed a Third Party action against vehicles three and four.  After a three day trial and only 22 minutes of deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Defendant finding Defendant not liable for the motor vehicle accident.

The matter arose out of a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.  Plaintiff alleged she sustained three large cervical herniations as a result of the accident and that these injuries pierced the verbal threshold.  Plaintiff had no prior injuries to her cervical spine.  Plaintiff’s expert recommended a two-level cervical fusion surgery and described in detail the procedure and risks associated with same.  Trial lasted three days.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of Defendant finding Plaintiff failed to meet the verbal threshold, as Plaintiff failed to prove she sustained a permanent injury caused by the accident.