We offer services for all aspects of corporate and business law, including appropriate tax and legal advice to help clients select the proper entity, be it a general or professional corporation, sub-chapter S corporation, limited liability company or partnership. We are experienced in drafting appropriate formation and organizational documents, including buy/sell agreements and partnership, shareholder and operating agreements. We assist in drafting and reviewing contract documents for the entity's customers/clients, employees and vendors and handle all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including finance, leasing, purchases and sales. We advise small business owners on estate planning issues, including protecting estate liquidity, reducing estate taxes and succession planning for family-owned businesses.

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New Jersey Finalizes First of its Kind Pharmaceutical Gift Ban to Physicians; New Administration Considering Changes

After publication and hearing in October 2017, a final Administrative Rule related to contracts and payments entered into with physicians by drug companies took effect on January 15, 2018. Under the new arrangement, physicians are not able to accept any financial benefit, that does not advance disease or treatment education. In this blog, Ryan Jones discusses the how this rule, being the first of its kind in the U.S., will impact the future of Health Care and Transactional Law.