The attorneys at Hoagland Longo have counseled clients, including individual physicians, groups and major health care facilities regarding the regulatory framework created by HIPAA. While virtually all health care providers and facilities are familiar with the basic HIPAArequirements, compliance questions occur every day and we are available to resolve them, from quickly responding to basic questions all the way to implementing an entire compliance plan. Our attorneys are available to conduct HIPAA compliance audits to ensure our clients remain aware of the regulatory requirements and day-to-day issues that arise. Such issues include the proper identification of protected information and the limits of disclosure, as well as questions regarding release of records or health information to governmental entities.

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Law Firm Liability Under HIPPA

Recent surveys demonstrate that the large majority of law firms, large and small, are unaware of their potential exposure pursuant to HIPAA and its most recent iteration, HITECH. While there is a sensitivity among firms regarding the need for HIPAA authorizations and protections of private health information, the full panoply of requirements and liabilities that may befall them are less understood.