Hoagland Longo is one of New Jersey’s leading firms in the area of automobile liability casualty defense. We have a wealth of knowledge and trial experience in both federal and New Jersey state courts defending insurance companies, their insureds, private individuals, and commercial entities against claims that arise from automobile accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian/automobile accidents. Many of the claims we are called to defend involve catastrophic personal injury, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, and serious bodily injury, as well as injuries of a soft tissue nature that fail to meet the verbal threshold.

We represent insurance companies in the defense of first party claims arising out of Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage and No Fault/PIP claims. We have successfully defended insurance carriers against these claims in arbitration and at trial before New Jersey courts, and in claims brought before the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) and American Arbitration Association (AAA).

We approach cases in a thorough and aggressive manner from the outset, seeking to cost effectively dispose of cases at an early stage. When early disposal of a case is not possible, our experienced trial attorneys aggressively defend cases through trial  and if necessary, through appeal.

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Haines v. Taft/Little v. Nishimura: A Spotlight on New Legislation Seeking to Undo the Supreme Court’s Holding on Admissibility and Recovery of Unpaid Medical Expenses

Earlier this year, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued an opinion in the consolidated matters of Haines v. Taft/Little v. Nishimura and held that plaintiffs could not seek to board medical expenses at trial as part of their damages between their selected PIP limit and the standard PIP limit of $250,000.

N.J. Supreme Court Will Review Auto Dealership’s Liability for Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

Recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court agreed to review a case involving an insurance company's denial of coverage for a 2010 drunk driving accident that killed a police officer and yielded a multi-million dollar wrongful death judgment. An intermediate appellate court previously ruled in favor of the insurance company. But the Supreme Court's decision to grant review suggests the police officer's estate may still have some hope to collect on their judgment.

Self-Driving Cars: What Do They Mean for the Automobile Insurance Industry?

With advancements in the automobile industry, like self-driving, or even semi-autonomous cars from companies like Telsa, Apple, and Google, many questions arise, including what happens when an injured driver pursues a claim against another for alleged negligence. New Jersey and a number of other states are ahead of the curve with their adoption of a system of laws commonly known as Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) or simply “no-fault insurance".

Snapchat and Pokemon Go: Taking Distracted Driving to a New Level

The introduction of smart phones brought distracted driving to an unprecedented level with texting, emails, tweeting, posting, and booking dinner reservations with the tap of a screen. Now, with the soar in popularity of apps like Snapchat and Pokemon Go, it’s arguable that driving just got a lot more dangerous.

I’ve Been Sued For a Car Accident. What Do I Do?

Many times, accidents are just that—accidents. But you may find yourself in the situation where you’re being sued by another person for injuries they claim you caused. It’s not a situation many would choose to be in. However, there are steps that you can take early on in order to make the process a little smoother.

What Kind of Car Insurance Should I Have?

You have seen the commercials advertising savings and low rates, but do you know the kind of coverage you really should have? The least expensive option may save you a few dollars every month, but that minimum coverage may not fully protect you—or your assets—if you’re at fault for causing an accident. When choosing your auto insurance, take a look beyond the monthly premium and you can better protect yourself for the long-run.