Jennifer A. Passannante shares the Do’s and Don’ts of Company Holiday Parties in NJ Business Magazine

Attending the company holiday party can be a great way to boost morale, spent time with colleagues, and get into the spirit of the season. But the casual environment of a party may create potential issues that employers shouldn’t overlook.

In New Jersey Business Magazine's article, "The Do’s and Don’ts of Company Holiday Parties", Partner, Jennifer A. Passannante shares tips on how to plan a seamless company party, ensuring both employee safety and and an enjoyable time.

“To prevent harm to their employees, employers need to be aware that with a more casual environment, likely involving alcohol consumption, comes the potential for problems,” Jennifer says. “Carrying around mistletoe may be funny until someone feels uncomfortable. Dance-offs are entertaining until someone breaks an ankle. And shots of tequila seem like a great idea until an intoxicated employee is later arrested for causing a motor vehicle accident after leaving the party.”

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