Joan A. Weisblatt, a retired partner in the firm, is the Founder and Director of the New Brunswick Outreach Tutoring Program, a program geared toward the education and personal growth of fifth through eighth grade students who reside and attend school in the inner city of New Brunswick. The program was started in 2000 and is now run by attorneys and staff members in the firm. Employees devote precious time on Tuesday afternoons from 5PM to 6PM throughout the school year and assist children with their homework, share pizza and discuss current events. Perhaps the highlight of the program has been the field trip we arranged to the U.S. Supreme Court where eighth grade students heard oral argument before the Court first-hand and had a private meeting with one of the justices.

Our tutoring program has fostered a very close working relationship with the New Brunswick schools. We have provided volunteers to speak at Career Day, donated computers and, in 2002, established the Hoagland Longo Promise Award, a yearly promise of $500 to two eighth grade students who promise to and eventually graduate from high school. We have been fortunate to present the monetary award to those former eighth graders who graduated high school in the past two years. We also established the Hoagland Longo Achievement Award in 2006 and present $100 to two deserving fifth grade students at Lord Stirling Community School, the local elementary school.