Why Prenuptial (and Premarital and Antenuptial) Agreements are for EVERYONE [1]

I have had a lot of friends and acquaintances over the years who discuss prenuptial agreements as if they are offensive. These naysayers do not dare broach the subject with their significant other because they think that it would be rude, or that it implies that there is no trust in the longevity of the relationship. Why on earth would you be uncomfortable discussing ANYTHING with your soon-to-be spouse?

Author: Andrea Mackaronis | Practice Area: Family Law, Pre-nuptial Agreements

I’ve Been Sued For a Car Accident. What Do I Do?

Many times, accidents are just that—accidents. But you may find yourself in the situation where you’re being sued by another person for injuries they claim you caused. It’s not a situation many would choose to be in. However, there are steps that you can take early on in order to make the process a little smoother. | Practice Area: Automobile Liability

How To Win Your Divorce in 3 Easy Steps

Well, not exactly. There is really no such thing as winning or losing in a divorce case - and if anything, both parties lose, because a marriage and family are often falling apart. The real goal of a divorce, in my opinion, is to mitigate damage and stop the bleeding. I am referring to the damage that befalls your children and the wasting of marital assets due to protracted litigation.

Author: Andrea Mackaronis | Practice Area: Family Law

A Police Officer Must Give You the Opportunity to Produce Your Credentials

The New Jersey Supreme Court recently considered the circumstances under which a law enforcement officer may legally obtain a driver’s registration and insurance information without requesting permission or allowing the driver the opportunity to retrieve themselves in the case of State v. Keaton. The facts surrounding this decision involve the actions of a New Jersey State Trooper who responded to a one vehicle accident on I-295. When he arrived, he found a black sedan overturned in the medi

Author: William McGuinn | Practice Area: Criminal Defense

What Kind of Car Insurance Should I Have?

You have seen the commercials advertising savings and low rates, but do you know the kind of coverage you really should have? The least expensive option may save you a few dollars every month, but that minimum coverage may not fully protect you—or your assets—if you’re at fault for causing an accident. When choosing your auto insurance, take a look beyond the monthly premium and you can better protect yourself for the long-run. | Practice Area: Automobile Liability