I’ve Been Ordered to Contribute to Our Child’s Out-of-Pocket College Costs—How Do I Maximize Their Financial Aid?

Under New Jersey law, parents can be ordered to contribute to a child’s out-of-pocket college costs or expenses for a child enrolled full time in a college or university. Given that out-of-pocket expenses can be extremely steep depending upon the specific college or university the child attends, many parents want to know how they can maximize their child’s financial aid in order to lower out-of-pocket costs that must be paid.

Author: Brian McFadden-DiNicola | Practice Area: Family Law, Child Support


Our previous blog in the Contractor Blog Series covered the topic of Change Orders. In this third installment of the series, we take a look at “Retainage”.

Author: Joseph Petrillo | Practice Area: Construction Law

I’m Interviewing Attorneys for My Divorce Case—What Questions Should I Ask?

When you make the decision to file for divorce in New Jersey or need representation after your spouse has filed for divorce, finding the right attorney can feel like a daunting process. While you may have a friend or a family member who recently got divorced and can recommend a family law attorney for your case, it is still extremely important to arrange initial consultations to find the lawyer you want to represent you.

Author: Brian McFadden-DiNicola | Practice Area: Family Law

Automatic Expungement of Criminal Records in New Jersey: Will It Happen?

Numerous lawmakers in New Jersey have been working to establish a system for people with criminal records to have their records expunged. Indeed, Senate Bill 3205 proposed numerous changes to New Jersey state law designed to wipe criminal convictions from records for more offenses, including a number of drug-related offenses. Yet Governor Phil Murphy recently vetoed the bill.

Author: William McGuinn, Joseph Leone | Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Change Orders

Change Orders happen on many construction projects. A Change Order is work that is added or deleted from the original work of the Contract which impacts either the original contract amount or the time for completion. Contractors should be aware of how to address Change Orders to get them paid and to avoid a future issue with the Owner.

Author: Joseph Petrillo | Practice Area: Construction Law