Change Orders

Change Orders happen on many construction projects. A Change Order is work that is added or deleted from the original work of the Contract which impacts either the original contract amount or the time for completion. Contractors should be aware of how to address Change Orders to get them paid and to avoid a future issue with the Owner.

Author: Joseph Petrillo | Practice Area: Construction Law

Changes to New Jersey DWI Laws

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed into law a series of changes to New Jersey DWI laws. The legislation (S824) makes several changes to New Jersey law, including revising drunk driving penalties, expanding the use of ignition interlock devices, and reducing the length of license suspension and forfeitures.

Author: William McGuinn, Joseph Leone | Practice Area: Criminal Defense, DWI-DUI

Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

If you are recently divorced or separated and have children, as your kids are getting ready to go back to school, you may be thinking about the complications of co-parenting. Now that school is starting, you will need to navigate drop-offs and pick-ups for extracurricular activities, sick days, snow days, and a complex after-school calendar. We want to provide you with some key tips for navigating the back-to-school days after your divorce.

Author: Jessica Mazur | Practice Area: Family Law, Child Custody & Parenting Time, Child Support, Separation

Governor Murphy Signs Law Expanding Public Entity Liability for Sexual Abuse and Assault

In New Jersey, public entities and their employees are offered numerous protections and immunities from civil liability for tort actions by the State’s Tort Claims Act, N.J.S.A. 59:1-1, et seq. New Jersey’s Governor, Phillip Murphy, recently signed a bill into law that will eliminate some of those protections in cases involving allegations of sexual abuse or assault.

Author: Aron Mandel | Practice Area: Labor & Employment Law, Harassment in the Workplace, Public Employers and Employees