On February 15, 2019, Joseph M. Marabondo prevailed on Motion for Summary Judgment on behalf of his client in Hudson County Superior Court. The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident where Plaintiffs were not at fault for the accident. Plaintiffs filed suit against the defendant alleging all four vehicle passengers, one of which was a minor, sustained permanent injuries. Joe argued that all four plaintiffs, including the minor, could not prove they sustained permanent injuries. The Court agreed with Joe and found none of the Plaintiffs could not demonstrate permanency, as required by the verbal threshold law, including the minor, and granted summary judgment in favor of the defendant.

In addition, on February 15, 2019, the Morris County Superior Court granted a motion for Summary Judgment that Joe filed on behalf of his client, the defendant who was an insurance carrier for a company, against two Plaintiffs in a consolidated coverage action. An employee of the company was involved in a motor vehicle accident while utilizing a company vehicle. Joe argued that the defendant was correct in disclaiming coverage because the employee lacked permission to operate the vehicle. The Court agreed and granted summary judgment in favor of the defendant in both consolidated actions.