Rob Morello Secures Compensatory Education Settlement for Special Education Preschooler

Rob Morello secured a monetary settlement for “Compensatory Education” on behalf of a family whose three year old son’s rights to a Free and Public Education (FAPE) were denied by an Atlantic County school district.

Despite the family’s pleas, the child, who suffers from multiple disabilities, was denied a Special Education evaluation by the district on multiple occasions: culminating in the family being forced to move and switch school districts.  The family instituted an action with the Office of Administrative Law alleging that the child’s rights under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education ACT (IDEA) were violated due to the district’s failure to evaluate.  As part of the claim, the family requested the Court award Compensatory Education: monetary damages provided to aid a family with providing additional services to cover a developmental gap created by a District’s FAPE violation(s). 

Ultimately, Morello successfully secured a monetary settlement that will be placed in trust to be used by the family to provide the child with additional educational services.

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