Rob Morello Prevails in Defense of Personal Injury Action in Middlesex County

Rob Morello prevails in automobile liability trial in Middlex County.  Plaintiff claimed four (4) disc herniations and five (5) disc bulges as a result of a rear end impact that occurred in 2015. The Plaintiff had no history of prior issues with the neck or back.  Rob’s client admitted fault for the accident but denied that Plaintiff suffered any injuries.

At trial, the Plaintiff was cross-examined regarding the nature of his work and the amount of time he spent doing heavy industrial and commercial labor.  Further, Rob cross-examined Plaintiff’s doctors regarding the amount of degeneration shown on Plaintiff’s MRI films and presented evidence from a board certified orthopedic surgeon that Plaintiff’s disc injuries predated this accident.

The eight (8) person jury deliberated for approximately 90 minutes before returning a verdict in favor of the defendant, finding that Plaintiff failed to prove a permanent injury proximately caused by the accident.