Jennifer A. Passannante prevails in trial with a no-cause verdict for public entity.

Jennifer A. Passannante prevailed in a trial before the Honorable Judge Dennis R. O’Brien, J.S.C. of the Monmouth County Superior Court.  The plaintiff claimed the defendant public entity and officers were negligent in their handling of her following her arrest for driving while intoxicated. The plaintiff, who was admittedly intoxicated, fell off of a chair on which she was seated during the booking process at the defendant police headquarters.  At no point while there did she indicate she was injured or in pain or request medical assistance.  By her own admission, the plaintiff did not experience any pain for a week to ten days after her arrest and was diagnosed with a fractured hip over a month later. The defendant officers and a liability expert on behalf of the defense testified that, at all times relevant, the defendants acted in accordance with law enforcement best practices.  In finding in favor of the defendants, the jury determined that the plaintiff failed to prove that the defendants breached any duty owed to the plaintiff.