Hoagland Longo employs the latest technologies and systems to effectively deliver all the functionality required to support our legal services.  The firm has an experienced staff of information technology professionals including programmers, engineers and help desk administrators who are adept at creating and managing the systems in place.  We use a wide variety of tools and resources to ensure that our systems, and therefore our clients’ data, are secure from unauthorized users and unforeseen disasters including unique login/password required for access, firewall, network virus protection, local virus protection, SSL data encryption, off-site and real-time backup, and spam filtering. 

Our unique case management system, Albion, is a browser-based law-office solution that provides a centralized calendar, case management, time & billing, document management, trust account management and accounts receivables and payables.  Albion can be accessed by our clients through a secure web login to gain access to their cases with the firm.  Clients can view appointments, e-mail, notes, documents, and invoices in a single, easy-to-use interface. 

The firm is dedicated to providing an information system platform that fosters a collaborative environment with our clients and co-counsel.  Albion allows us to focus on the practice of law and get the job done for our clients faster, better, smarter. For you, our clients and potential clients, it means cost effective, quality legal services and an easy way to keep up on what information is important to you.  As new opportunities arise, we will continue to leverage technology strategically and intelligently in order to offer the best possible solution for our clients and employees.

For more detailed information on our technology innovations, click on the PDF here.