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Thaddeus J. Hubert, IV Prevails in Automobile Liability Trial in Mercer County


Thaddeus J. Hubert, IV prevails in automobile liability trial in Mercer County before Judge Brian McLaughlin. Plaintiff claimed he sustained a concussion, memory loss and two disc herniations in his neck after Ted’s client accidently closed the trunk of his vehicle on plaintiff’s head. Prior to the start of the trial, the Court ruled plaintiff did not have sufficient evidence to claim he suffered a concussion and memory loss. At the trial, plaintiff’s expert admitted on cross-examination he could not opine within a reasonable degree of medical probability that plaintiff’s disc herniations were caused by the accident. After plaintiff rested his case, Ted moved for an involuntary dismissal. The Court granted the motion finding plaintiff could not sustain his burden of proof that his neck injury was related to the accident and dismissed plaintiff’s case.